Name: Peter Ström
Age: Old enough
Nationality: Swedish
Home town: Ghostdog
Years riding: 15+
Sponsors: Allian, Sessions, Dragon, 32, Zei`ni zoul.



1. Which boards do you ride?
My shit

2. What would you like to learn?
Multiple languages.

3. Favourite mountains?
Engadin valley S.t Moritz.

4. Favourite human?

5. Favourite hobbys?
Fifa 2003 on PS2 and also chess.

6. Favourite riders?
Jamie Lynn, Peter line, Johan Olofsson, Michi Albin and my teammates.

7. Terrain you like?
To Freestyle around on the mountain , natural windlips i like it all.

8. dont like?
I prefer not to wind.

9. Tricks you like?
The ones with flava.

10. Cartoon caracter you like?
Sauti animated cartoon for real.

11. Music you like?

12. Dont like?

13. Food you like?
Thai, Japanese, Italian.

14. Dont like?
Over spendy and undercooked.

15. Last words?
Stay real and enjoy snowboarding Peace.