The legendary Ingemar Backman's signature model
Ingemar was a 2 time champion winning the biggest Big Air contest "Air&Style" in the mid 90s and in 1996 he shocked the world with his famous backside air in Riksgrasen, Sweden which made 7 of the snowboard magazine's cover.
Ingemar's model is a directional tapered shape with 6mm camber and allows the true carving capability as well as jump stability makes it a great all round board that takes you everywhere.

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  • SIZE: 151cm, 155cm
  • IS 7200

Spec(cm) 151 155
Contact Length 111.6 115.5
Side Cut(m) 7.7 8.1
Nose Width 29.0 29.4
Waist Width 24.5 24.7
Tail Width 28.6 29.0
Set Back 1.5 1.0
Stance 50-62 53-65
Flex(level 1~10) 7 7